Volcán Santa María with Santiaguito volcanic dome venting

RUTAHSA ADVENTURES Inc., is a small company-- so small our original headquarters was a remodeled horse stall in a barn (a standing room only crowd of three attended the grand opening!). That's OK, our low overhead means better travel bargains for you! But anyway, we are expanding our horizons, having recently moved our corporation from Tennessee to California, where we are organized and incorporated for the purpose of arranging and leading eco-adventure excursions and cultural trips to remote and exotic portions of this beautiful planet. We specialize in excursions to Latin America. In addition to the group trips we organize, we also offer a variety of FITs (For Independent Travelers) services. We can make your and our travel dreams come true.

Rutahsa Adventures has a NEW OWNER! In August 2012 Jackie Buhl took command of Rutahsa Adventures.

Jackie has her masters degree in biology, has traveled world wide, lived and worked in Africa. Currently she lives in Puerto Rico where she teaches scuba diving. She is giving Rutahsa fresh ideas and destinations. Jackie is Rutahsa's new owner and President.

Our founders: We originated as a "mom-n-pop" operation, run entirely by Ric and Janie Finch. Here's Janie, our first Presidenta on the keshwa chaca:

Ric and Janie have traveled in Latin America for over four decades, and have over 20 years' experience in leading groups, with annual trips to Guatemala starting in 1987. They will work with Jackie as consultants as Rutahsa Adventures heads into the future.

Here's Ric on the keshwa chaca:

Whatever Rutahsa Adventure you pick, whether we lead it in person or turn it over to a native Tour Conductor, we always aim to provide you with a trip you cannot get from any other travel company, and at a good price, to boot! We hope your reaction will always be:

"I have not stopped talking to everyone about how great a trip it was. I would rate the trip as one of the best in group travel that I've done." --Cynthia Stetzer, participant in the 2002 Peru trip.

Thank you for your visit and interest in our adventures. If you like this site, please bookmark it, so you can return to see new offerings as they are posted.

All photos on this website and its subset of Rutahsa Adventures' websites are copyrighted by Janie and Ric Finch, unless specifically credited to other photographers. Prior permission is required for the use of these images by other persons in electronic media or printed media. For information e-mail Rutahsa Adventures.