Alpacas and llama graze below majestic Volcán Sajama


  • Many North Americans have never considered traveling to Bolivia. What a pity! They just don't know that this land-locked Andean nation is one of the most fabulous destinations in all the Americas. Our amazing Bolivia excursion is centered on the Carnaval de Oruro --perhaps the most authentic folkloric carnival in all South America-- and also features the eye-popping Salar de Uyuni, beautiful colonial Sucre, an adventure in a Potosi mine, La Paz witches market, and much more. And we have programmed a Lake Titkaka extension. Of all the trips we offer, none has a greater cultural and scenic variety than this wonderful Bolivia excursion.

    Take a look at our exciting itinerary, which we have perfected over the years and which would be difficult --if not impossible-- to improve upon: 2013 Bolivia trip.

    NOTE: As of Nov. 22 we have nine travelers signed on for this great excursion-- so the trip is a definite "GO"! And we still have room for a few more. But due to high demand for hotel space in Oruro during carnival time, we will have to finalize all our reservations by mid-December. So don't wait too long to sign up! Request your trip application blank today!

    Our 2006 Bolivia trip was recommended by Frommer's, and our 2007 excursion also got Frommer's seal of approval.

  • Never heard of a "keshwa chaca"? Then you are in for a very special treat. Featured in National Geographic magazine, a NOVA program on the Inka, a BBC special, as well as several film productions, the keshwa chaca is The Last Inka Suspension Bridge. And in spite of the fame of this amazing feature, Rutahsa Adventures is the only touring company to take you there! For a decade we have been taking groups to experience the annual rebuilding of this fabled bridge of straw. And we will take you there in 2013!

    Our keshwa chaca trip will include Machu Picchu, Cusco and much more. See the unforgettable itinerary here: Rutahsa's fabulous 2013 Keshwa Chaca excursion.

    Is this trip a good deal? See what the travel experts at Frommers said about last year's keshwa chaca excursion: Frommers reviews Rutahsa's Peru trip

    To contact us about these trips, e-mail us at: Rutahsa Adventures

  • Don't just take our word that these trips are great, look at what the experts at Frommer's say: Frommer's on Rutahsa's Bolivia trip.

  • Better yet, our travelers who keep coming back for more trips are our best recommendations:
    "Your trips are a great deal, money-wise, but that is not their best point. Best is that the travelers are all interesting folks, and Ric and Janie plan such interesting trips with lots of local color. And you take such good care of us!" --Stella Elakovich, two-time Rutahsa Adventures traveler, July 2005.

  • Elderly Quechua woman in Cusco

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